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Immaculately produced, desperately honest, and boldly unashamed of wearing their heart on their sleeve, the contagious pop music of FAR SHORES comes out of the long and storied histories of two solo artists— Van Beasley and Nate Netti. Over the last few years, Beasley and Netti found success in their own right. From placements on major TV show soundtracks, to sold out shows and stints on NBC's The Voice, they were each on their way. It wasn't until being introduced by a mutual friend did Beasley and Netti realize there was more to be had for their careers from combining efforts than from going it alone. With Beasley bringing vocals, keys, and guitar to the mix, and Netti production and drums, their complimentary parts exploded into FAR SHORES.

Splitting time between Nashville, Tennessee, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, the duo is bringing a fresh spirit to pop music. Passion, energy, and depth flow through punchy analog synths, man-machine grooves, and silvery vocals to form layered and nuanced tracks, not soon to be forgotten. On their debut EP entitled "The Waiting," Beasley and Netti wrestle through what it means to press on through darker times. Broken relationships, nostalgia, bad timing— these human themes flow through the record and provide meaning not often found in modern pop music. One of the hardest working bands you will ever meet, Beasley and Netti are non-stop. Constantly writing and performing, the duo is set to explode in 2019 and it won't be long before they won't have to write their own bio's in the third person.

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