The First 2000 Miles

It’s August second right now and I’m walking the streets of Grand Rapids reflecting on the last two weeks in this absolutely perfect 65° weather. Nate and I just got back from doing our first run as Far Shores and it was awesome.

I really found out some vital things. First, if you ever need to get away and just have a really good night sleep, you need to go to Nate's sister's. That basement is dark and cold on a whole different level. It was the best sleep I’ve had in years.


The best sleeping spot in the world

Also, when you go to Nate’s sister's, you not only get the best sleep of your life but you also get the best chiropractor. It’s a two for one I’m telling you. Kurt (Nate's brother-in-law) cracked my back after we played in Columbus and I’m serious I think my eyelids cracked. It was tremendous. 

Seriously though, the last two weeks were awesome for our band. We played Columbus, Cleveland, and Indianapolis before heading to Nashville to connect with some old friends. Just getting out there and seeing what we've got was a blast and we've definitely grown a ton, even in this short time. 


First show – Columbus, OH

The big thing that I took away was that there is always going to be something that doesn’t go as planned. Whether it be a technical difficulty during our set, playing in a weird spot in the line up, or having a sound guy that doesn't care about us, there will always be multiple things that don't go our way. I am in the process of learning how to lose control of things I can’t control. Yes, I am a dramatic person that’s filled with energy and passion but I need to use that to fuel me in a different way, not to get bent out of shape.


Second show – Cleveland, OH

(Side note: If you do find yourself bent out of shape and you just so happen to be in Northeastern Ohio, I have just the cure for you. Go to Swenson's and get the Galley Boy. Nate's "best friend" LeBron James loves it and its his favorite meal. Yo, I don't know what's in that burger but it will set you free. Also, for all you single dudes, it's apparently the girl hotspot of the world? It doesn't matter where Nate and I go, he is always trying to find me a wife. 

At the end of the day, Galley Boy or no Galley Boy, it’s all about the process. I want enjoy every single minute of this. A lot of my life I've been so concerned with the end result that I forget to enjoy the day-to-day. I'm learning to not only embrace the grind but to love it. We are on the very bottom level of this journey. It's an obvious chance to learn and grow, not only as a musician, but as a man. 


A bad driver backed into our van

I have a passion to show others that they are loved and they are not forgotten and that drives me to strive to get better every day. I understand that people just want to be seen and heard and I am on a mission to make sure that every single person I come in contact with feels that way. If I'm not living in the moment and I'm preoccupied with "someday" or "the end result", I will totally miss every opportunity to connect with people. 

Ok love you.